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Parents’ Prayer

Thank you, Lord, for each other. Give us support, understanding and appreciation for where we are in our journey. Grant us the serenity to understand the precious ones you have given us and your will for them. Turn the darkness around us into light.

Lord, open the hearts and eyes of the parents who have abandoned their children, and bring back those special children who have left your church. Help all our church leaders to show compassion in their ministry.







A Network for LGBTQ+ Ministry in Catholic High Schools

Catholic faith professes that all of creation was formed in a state of journeying. Along the line of salvation history, through the grace of the Incarnation, God became man in the person of Jesus Christ to journey with us and show us the path to holiness. "The way" includes a commitment to faithfulness and justice, a commitment to God and others, as a means of building up the Kingdom of God, which reigns among us. But discipleship is a choice.

The sacramental worldview of Catholic faith offers us the choice to participate in the fullness of God's creation or not. How can we love a God we cannot see if we are not able to love the neighbor we can see? This requires humility and vulnerability. The grandeur and frailty of our own humanity invites us to hold these complexities in tension: visible and invisible; human and divine; faith and works; honesty and discretion; truth and love; mercy and justice.

Without Exception seeks to walk the narrow ridge between right belief and right practice, between the Catholic intellectual tradition and Catholic social teaching, between what Pope Francis calls "desk-bound theology" and "field hospital ministry." In this state of journeying, we desire to walk with all of God's people—including our LGBTQ+ children—as missionary disciples.

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