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Are you Called to form a LGBTQ+ Ministry in your Parish?
Discernment and prayer will reveal Gods plan.


Listen to the Pastor, Priest, and Deacon. Seek guidance from the Parish Spiritual Advisor. These men and women know the pulse of the community and can be valuable assets in the success of your Ministry.

Identify the needs in your Parish Community

Are there LGBTQ+ individuals in your Parish Community?

Are there Parents, grandparents, or Allies of the LGBTQ+ community that want the support of a LGBTQ+ Ministry? If so, ask if they would like to partner with you in forming this Ministry and ask if they would be willing to share their
stories with the Pastor, Priest or Parish Spiritual Advisor or Ministry Coordinator.

Contact the Archdiocese in your region and ask if they know of a LGBTQ+ Ministry in your area. Los Angeles has the CMLGP (Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons) as one of the departments in the Archdiocese.

Schedule a meeting with your Pastor, Priest, Deacon and Ministry Coordinator

Now that you have a meeting scheduled bring your team in to join the discussion with your Pastor and any other members of the Parish staff.
Tailor the meeting to the unique needs of your Parish. Assure the staff that the mission of the Ministry is to glorify God in the Eucharist and welcome all to the table of Christ. Here are a few helpful hints and ideas you might present:

  • Testimony from LGBTQ+ individuals and/or their parents and families.  (Find Parishioners who are willing to share.)

  • Explain the need for such a Ministry and its potential benefits.

  • Ask about the possibility of forming a Ministry in your Parish. Share your vision of what your Ministry will look like, example: a listening Ministry or an active Ministry to integrate members into the life of the Parish.

  • Allow time for Pastor, Priest, Deacons and staff to ask questions.

  • Set up a follow-up meeting if needed.

  • Prepare resources that would be helpful to your Pastor and staff, such as USCCB documents, books, articles, etc. See the resource list at the end of this guide.

What happens now? You have the blessing to start an LGBTQ+ Ministry

Define your ministry and be prepared to make changes based on the pulse of the community. Educate the Parish on the importance of Pastoral Care.

  • Are you a Faith Sharing group?

  • Are you a Service Organization within the Parish?

  • Are you a Social Group?

  • Give your Ministry a name.

  • Plan your first meeting, invite the Pastor and Staff.

  • Advertise in the Parish bulletin.

  • Define a mission statement and Core Values

  • Be consistent with regular meetings.

Additional Resources

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