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Fortunate Families (National Ministry)


Fortunate Families exists to assist parishes, pastors, bishops, schools, college/university campus ministries, presbyterates, parish staffs and communities of consecrated women and men – indeed, the Church – discern and begin ministry to LGBTQ+ persons through intentional welcome and LGBTQ+ Ministry within the Catholic Church.

We provide resources and accompaniment for all looking to live the Catechism’s admonition to treat LGBTQ+ persons with “respect, compassion and sensitivity” and accompany all who seek the hand of another whether to come out, come home, or to better understand another.

We take seriously the message of Jesus that what we do to the least we do for him. Heeding Pope Francis’ call to the Church during the Synod, especially, our ministry brings LGBTQ+ persons who are too often on the peripheries to the center and heart of the Church.

Through Days of Discernment and Visioning, Days of Reflection, development days, and retreats for parishes, colleges, high schools, teachers, campus ministers and ministries, presbyterates, parish staffs, and communities of consecrated women and men, we foster the culture of encounter and assist in discerning and establishing dedicated ministry.

We believe every LGBTQ+ person’s story is sacred and each tells the story of Jesus in the flesh.




Outreach is an LGBTQ Catholic resource. We offer news, essays, resources and community for LGBTQ Catholics, their families and friends, and those who minister to them in the Catholic church worldwide. Outreach also highlights welcoming parishes, schools and other Catholic organizations.

Our website,, features original articles from theologians, scholars, church leaders, family members, and many others, both lay and clergy. It also provides information about our conferences and gatherings.

Outreach operates under the auspices of America Media, a Jesuit ministry, and is rooted in the love of Jesus, who reached out to all those who felt excluded.


​Family Acceptance Project™​


The Family Acceptance Project® is a research, intervention, education and policy initiative to prevent health and mental health risks and to promote well-being for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer-identified (LGBTQ) children and youth, including suicide, homelessness, drug use and HIV — in the context of their families, cultures and faith communities.

Our team has put research into practice by developing and implementing the Family Acceptance Project’s Family Support Model - the first of its kind - to prevent health risks, strengthen families and build healthy futures for LGBTQ and gender diverse children and youth. We provide training and consultation on working with diverse families and implementing FAP's evidence-based family support model across the United States and in other countries.


The Trevor Project


You deserve awelcoming, loving world.

And so do the people you care about. Here you can reach out to a counselor if you’re struggling, find answers and information, and get the tools you need to help someone else.


Without Exception


A Network for LGBTQ+ Ministry in Catholic High Schools

Catholic faith professes that all of creation was formed in a state of journeying. Along the line of salvation history, through the grace of the Incarnation, God became man in the person of Jesus Christ to journey with us and show us the path to holiness. "The way" includes a commitment to faithfulness and justice, a commitment to God and others, as a means of building up the Kingdom of God, which reigns among us. But discipleship is a choice.

The sacramental worldview of Catholic faith offers us the choice to participate in the fullness of God's creation or not. How can we love a God we cannot see if we are not able to love the neighbor we can see? This requires humility and vulnerability. The grandeur and frailty of our own humanity invites us to hold these complexities in tension: visible and invisible; human and divine; faith and works; honesty and discretion; truth and love; mercy and justice.

Without Exception seeks to walk the narrow ridge between right belief and right practice, between the Catholic intellectual tradition and Catholic social teaching, between what Pope Francis calls "desk-bound theology" and "field hospital ministry." In this state of journeying, we desire to walk with all of God's people—including our LGBTQ+ children—as missionary disciples.

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